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Rectification: Absurd - Wolfsmond

Since there has already been confusion and numerous inquiries regarding the recordings circulating on the internet, which a publicity-seeking clown has deliberately and falsely declared as the new WOLFSMOND album titled "IV," here are the facts:

The songs come from a recording session intended to produce two ABSURD albums and which are currently being mixed and mastered. The recordings contain demo vocal tracks by Unhold, which were meant to serve as guidelines for Wolf. These are also unmixed and partly unfinished recordings. Since Wolf was the only one who had these demos, JFN must have obtained them through this means. It’s not the first time he has publicly released songs he had nothing to do with before their official release dates, which is pathetic.

In recent years, JFN has spread so many falsehoods and lies that it's no longer surprising. But it is still remarkable. More news to follow in the coming days regarding the official release of these albums including both "Werwolflicht" and "Kyffhäuserreich".